Hello and welcome to David Ritchie Photography!

Capturing “the decisive moment,” a term coined by the late photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, enables photography to “fix eternity in an instant.” DGR Photoimages is dedicated to bringing you this moment of decision when lighting, color, composition, and energy come together to create a meaningful image that stirs your emotions.

Many of my landscape images take advantage of High Dynamic Range (HDR) digital imaging, which is basically a reinvention of the Zone System, developed by Ansel Adams some 60 years ago. This technique provides the digital means by which the wide range of exposures needed in landscape photographs (bright skies and dark terrestrial scenes) can be blended together yielding optimized pixel brightness in each area of the photograph for color, contrast, and hue. Most importantly, energy can be added to this mix by time modification methods and seamlessly blended into an otherwise static image to convey a decisive emotion. Using these techniques, my landscapes, cityscapes, and people portfolios reveal the moving realism of their immediate surroundings.

DGR Photoimages is not limited to photographic realism per se, but also includes an "Imagination" portfolio of digitally manipulated images that modify reality to a surrealistic subconscious view. Images in this portfolio are meant to jog the viewer’s perception of reality and predictability in order to stimulate conversation about how this could happen or about what might happen next.

We all experience a world filled with challenges, disappointments, successes and failures, each seeming to occur randomly throughout our lives. I believe that art serves a vital function by helping us maintain our feelings of comfort and well being. I encourage you to find a quiet moment to view my images and allow yourself to be transported to your own personal world of solitude, peace, rejuvenation and discovery.

Upper Left: Hiking on Mt. Evans in Colorado

Lower Right: Kayaking on George Lake, Killarney Provincial Park, Ontario 

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